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I truly believe that one of my purposes in life is to help women grow. That’s ultimately why I find hatred towards another woman so repulsive! We’re all good at something, why not share in our goodness?!? Why not pick each other up instead of smashing up against another lovely lady like a ton of bricks? How can you stand to be around yourself when you’re condemning another like-being (or group)?

I did not always have the solid crew of women in my life that I do today. It took me a long time to cultivate the relationships I hold near and dear. One thing I know for sure is, I would not be capable of creating the life I want for my daughter and I, without each and every special lady in my life. Production of an unseen tether begins to weave our lives together for the greater good when we gather in healthy and loving groups, small and large. Women uplifting each other!


These are my Biffles

Yes we are wearing XMAS jammies! LADY BOSSES UNITE!!


You see, a woman truly elevating another woman is magical. It’s triumphant. It’s grace. It not only benefits the women directly connected in the matter at hand, but also drives the next group to become inspired and lifted. Something we all need to understand is, the world is small. Your circle is probably not very large when you take a moment to realize how big the universe is. That means, what you’re giving out in your little bubble, will most likely be coming right back at cha, babe. When you’re throwing the shade, you’ll eventually get the shade back. Sit down. Be humble.

Practicing a positive attitude daily really isn’t that hard. It can be as simple as finding one thing you feel grateful for; a smile towards a stranger, or even just doing something you love (seriously, how hard is it to do something you love?). Now, do that with a few homegirls. Find a friend. Talk about what you love. Discuss your thoughts and ideas together. In numbers there is strength and expansion. You’ll start to find that more happy and like minded individuals will come into your life. Your space, your place, your passion will bloom.

Ladies, be nice. It does wonders for your whole life experience. Really, it’s pretty cool to share and learn from other ladies. It doesn’t matter context, my point here is, GLOW UP •


What do you and your gal pals like to do with or for each other? How do you make a difference in the world? Let me know in the comments!