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Low Vibrationsss - Such a Real Sensation

Waking up in the morning gotta Thank God, I don’t know but today seems kinda odd…..


Exactly Ice Cube, exactly.


That’s how I woke up today (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Something was off. A riff in my energy level. A lower than average vibration. A frequency depletion.

After so many days of fun with family and friends I think I may have hit a brick wall. I thought for sure that yesterday was my rest day. A not-so-typical Sunday, being a complete vegetable on my man’s couch. I don’t ever take an entire day to binge watch a whole mini series on Netflix, but when I do it’s well deserved and after 4 straight days of eating and drinking with a bunch of my peeps. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday but I’ve realized it’s also an extremely exhausting one!

Wednesday through Saturday I had things to do and people to see and most certainly, bottles of Prosecco to drink! What does all that do to one’s soul?!?! I’ll tell ya…

It makes your soul shrivel!!

That may sound a little over the top, but you have to understand that during all those good times while my soul is so full of joy and overwhelming love from being around my family and friends, it’s also giving out an over abundance of love and joy. Energetic shifts happen with each person I hug, kiss, or sit down next to on the couch. Constantly giving of yourself can be straining later on. At least for an empath like me.


If you didn’t know, now you friggin know. And BTW, I don't 100% agree with that definition.... I don't believe my "gift" to be science fiction OR paranormal in any way. It's friggin real. I FEEL YOUR SHIT!


I had to fix my funk!!! I refused to stay feeling like the low man on the totem pole so I hopped in my car and drove an hour away to reconnect. I found myself headed to a place I had never been but I knew could save me from myself. I went to Worcester (my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy), to a store called “Seed to Stem”. One of my besties had mentioned it to me months ago and I hadn’t be able to get it out of my mind and now I truly know why! It’s magical in there. It’s nothing to the naked eye but to me it’s everything I need!!! PLANTS AND CRYSTALS AND ALL THINGS EARTH!

Earth is my jam. Soil makes me feel all kinds of real. I think that’s why I like crystals so much. They come from Mama Earth. They reconnect me to the dirt I feel so free in! I was able to walk around the bright and light store touching succulents and amethyst and freeze dried bugs alike (kinda eww, kinda awesome). The bug fossils were rad and unique. There were books about growing herbs and plants and cookbooks using fresh veggies. My favorite corner of the space was obviously the natural beauty section. I’m a complete sucker for products that don’t have ten billion nasty ingredients and are made by small no name brands. They truly make my heart swoon.

I left there with a new pocket size amethyst, a malachite dish (check out MYG’s insta for a pic), and a Cookbook for my man - Shhhh!! It's for Christmas so don't tell! Heaven is real I thought, as I hopped back into my car. It was so simple to get myself out of my funk. It just required a little alone time in my super hot station wagon (Veronica) and some greenery. It took me 30 friggin years to figure out all I need on a crap day is some friggin plants and trees!! Now if only I lived in a place where it was warm enough (and safe enough) for a little lady like me to go for a walk in the woods whenever I'd like…….


How do you UNFUNK and GLOW? I’d love to hear it!!