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Amy - June 2017

Becoming Mrs. Shea!

What a beautiful day it was this past June!! The sun was shining and so was Amy!! This girl truly has, what I like to call, a "golden soul". She's sweet and polite, poised and radiant. Her Wedding Day, just happened to be on my birthday, and she did not forget it! Her cousin, who was in her bridal party, also shared the day of birth with me! While I was going her makeup they came upstairs to sing to us with cupcakes and all!! Probably one of the most thoughtful families I have ever worked with!! Amy's mom had an entire room ready for us to set up in. Equipped with tables and chairs galore! Not to mention the ADORABLE, "Princess" tablecloths! Lani, Kyle, Alicia, and I had an amazing day with Amy and her entourage!!! (HEY GUYS, CAN WE DO THAT AGAIN SOON?!?!?!)

Photography by the super talented and awesome Dan Aguirre Photography.