Making You Glow


A Fresh Face Starts Here

Photography by  dan Aguirre Photography

It all started with GREAT SKIN!

Everyone wants a perfect complexion. I legit have dreams about silky, soft, subtle skin. I dream that my face has ZERO hyper pigmentation and that zits are nothing but a myth...

As we know, thats not usually the case for all of us! Most human beings break out. Most of us have discoloration that drives us mad! Our skin is our largest organ and let's be serious, for most of us, it's our most finicky organ as well (insert eye roll emoji).

This year I started tackling my skincare in a whole new light! After trying one of everything, I finally feel like I've landed on a product line that has my skin actually GLOWING!! Like for real! Ever since my pregnancy in 2004-05, I've dealt with an obscene amount of hyper pigmentation, and honestly, I hate it more than any zit that may pop up! I've tried chemicals upon chemicals and nothing has helped....

Fast forward to 2017, at the age of 32, I found something that's finally working!!! Welcome to LimeLight by Alcone! It's officially the only products I'm putting on my face. From facial cleanser to foundation. THIS. IS. IT.