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Makeup Lessons

Makeup Lessons

Photography by  Jennifer Joubert

Photography by Jennifer Joubert


It's time to learn a little somethin' somethin'...

Have a bunch of makeup and skin products under your bathroom sink that you have no idea how to use? I call that your product graveyard and it's time to figure out what should stay and what you should just say RIP to.

Let me guide you to makeup enlightenment and show you the way, my friend! Let's figure out what you should you be letting go of and what can actually come in handy. Maybe you have had the same tube of mascara for 2 years (PLEASE THROW IT OUT) or you got a cream something or other in your ipsy bag but with no directions on the box, you're left standing in front of the mirror confused and helpless. I can show you the way!

Need a pick me up with some completely new makeup? I can help!

Sharpen your eye liner skills? Let me show you the way!

Fill in your brows like a pro? Matching your foundation shade correctly? Picking out a lip color? Girl, I got you!!! 

Let's book some time together and make some magic!